Earning Your CVPM
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Who can Apply for Certification

Individuals actively involved in Veterinary Practice Management who meet the four qualifications may apply to the Certification Board for the CVPM designation.


Qualifications to sit for the exam include:
#1 Active employment as a practice manager for a minimum of three (3) years within the last seven (7)*
#2 Eighteen (18) college semester hours in management related courses**
#3 Forty-eight (48) hours of continuing education courses, seminars, etc., specifically devoted to management
#4 Four (4) letters of recommendation.


The CVPM application will explain in further detail the required qualifications.


The VHMA and Certification Board subscribe to all federal and state regulations that prohibit discrimination. All applications are considered regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital status or class. Reasonable accommodations will be made for program candidates with disabilities.


* To fulfill the active employment qualification, candidates must have been responsible for twenty-six (26) of the thirty (30) duties enumerated in the application for a minimum of three years, they include: staff (development, maintenance, computer training, communication, interaction, records, safety, benefits, payroll); accounts receivable; income reconciliation; credit policies; accounts payable; inventory; financial reporting; budgeting; purchasing; fee setting; patient medical records; medical knowledge; hospital medical logs; client service; client communication; client interaction; client grief protocol; client education; client education programs; client/patient/staff comfort; professional liaison; and community involvement.


** To fulfill the formal education qualification, candidates must have completed at least eighteen (18) college semester hours in management related courses such as: accounting; economics/finance; computer science; marketing; management; labor relations/human resources; law/taxation.


Three Part Process

The Application
The application documents your professional and educational background, achievements and veterinary management leadership experience. The application consists of four sections. A point system to verify that an applicant has fulfilled the minimum requirements in each area has been established. Instructions for properly completing each section are contained in the application. Certain documentation is required and explained when necessary. The Certification Board reserves the right to require additional documentation or explanation of any question or section of the application.


Applications will not be processed until the examination fee is paid. The examination fee is $675 for VHMA members and $825 for non-members. Incomplete or unacceptable applications will be returned to the applicant along with a refund check. There will be a $100 processing fee deducted.


Once approved, the application is active for two (2) years from the date of acceptance. Candidates have two (2) years to earn the CVPM certification before their application expires. Candidates that do not earn certification prior to their application's expiration must apply again to continue to take the examination.


When the application has been approved by the Certification Board, the candidate can scheduled to take the examination. The examination is scheduled in advance in various locations throughout the United States and Canada.


The Examination
The examination is composed of true-false and multiple-choice questions about relevant management knowledge in Human Resources, Law and Ethics, Marketing, Organization of the Practice and Finance. The majority of the questions are traditional knowledge-based multiple-choice questions; some will be scenario-based multiple-choice questions. For the scenario-based questions, the question stem will contain a scene or setting along with several possible behavioral responses to the situation.


The total number of questions on each examination administration may vary, but the maximum number of questions on any examination would be two hundred (200). You will have three and one-half (3 1/2) hours to complete the examination.


To maintain certification, the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager must accumulate forty-eight (48) continuing education hours and submit documentation along with the $210 recertification fee every two (2) years. Professional credits for recertification may be accumulated in a wide variety of ways. Certified Veterinary Practice Managers involved in the profession have no difficulty maintaining certification.


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